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Our breeding goal is to breed a MAS which has retained, as much as possible, its original appearance but also its working qualities. We are looking for owners of our MAS who like to be active with their dog. The MAS is extremely suitable for almost any kind of dog sport: agility, dog dance, tracking, hoopers, etc. A MAS must receive sufficient challenge both physically and mentally, otherwise there is a big chance that you will end up with a neurotic dog in your house!  

Of course we also think it is important that the MAS has a good 'on/off button'. This means that he/she is ready when there is going to be a walk and/or work, but can also find peace in all kinds of situations. The MAS will have to be taught this at a young age. If we, as owners, do not indicate to our MAS which behavior we like, then the MAS will certainly find his or her own way in this, which however, will not always be experienced as pleasant by the owner!

The MAS is a sensitive dog, where any kind of harshness in the upbringing is not necessary but even out of the question. This undermines the confidence of the MAS in you and certainly does not help to build a good relationship with your dog. Parenting should be based on respect and trust towards each other with the ultimate goal to form a team. The MAS is a very smart dog, often reserved towards other people and dogs and certainly not suitable for everyone! With inexperienced owners, a MAS is often just a step ahead of his/her owner and unfortunately this can sometimes lead to unwanted behavior, such as lashing out at other people/dogs, excessive barking or other problems. This is not a discouraging policy but we want to be realistic and honest in the expectations you have of your MAS. Of course we will always advise and assist you.

We want to breed a dog that also looks like a MAS and we think it's a shame that a dog is bred to such a small size that it doesn't look much like a MAS anymore. The breed is still very much in development and it is difficult to say what the final size of a puppy will be. In a litter there can easily be outliers of 10 cm between the smallest and largest of the litter. That's why we never can or will give a guarantee that a puppy will stay under a certain size. We are absolutely aware that you choose a breed also because of a certain size, however, we hope that the 1st reason for choosing a MAS is his / her character. Therefore, we assume that you will love your MAS just as much if it does become larger than you had hoped or expected. If you cannot say YES to this, then we would prefer that you walk past our door!