Nyko (pronounced Nai-ko) comes from Julia Bettendorf of Lost River. He was bred by her from 2 American parents. When it turned out that I could not use the male I initially had in mind due to circumstances, my search started all over again. However, there were few males that met my 'requirements'. I always thought Nyko was a beautiful dog. Unfortunately he was at that time not used as a studdog. But Julia and the lovely owners of Nyko were willing to comply my wishes so that I could use Nyko as a studdog for Tesla. With a lot of arranging (in Germany it is much more difficult than in the Netherlands) Nyko got all the necessary tests and his 'breeding approval'. The owner of Nyko even drove more than 4 hours one way to arrange everything in time. So very sweet! I am very grateful for that!

In October 2021 I saw Nyko in person and got to know him as an extremely sweet, relaxed and social dog. I think he is really beautiful; exactly the way I like to see him. A real aussie look, but athletically built. Nyko learns very eagerly and quickly and loves action.

Pictures below are made with my mobile, so not the best quality! 

The owner of Nyko about him:

Nyko is a real asset to our family with his cheerful, upbeat nature and humorous manner. He is very tolerant and gentle with our crawling son who follows Nyko everywhere and sometimes pulls his coat. He also adapts super well with other children and is very patient with them. They all get to cuddle and play with him.

Nyko is an active dog and you can do him no greater pleasure than to throw a ball or Frisbee in the garden. But he also loves to just run around and fool around and go out of his way.

He is enthusiastic about any activity you undertake with him; whether it is jogging, biking or hiking in the mountains. He goes everywhere with you without any problems. Bus, train, car and gondola rides are also no problem for him as long as it is with his family.

He likes to learn new tricks and loves to search for hidden toys. He is always excited when I start training with him.

Nyko wins everyone over with his looks and charm. He loves the attention of visitors and being petted and cuddled. During walks he leaves other walkers, cyclists or joggers alone. He always pays attention to us and has a great will to please.

To other animals he behaves nicely. He likes to play with other dogs, generally approaching them in a correct and uncomplicated way. After an attack by a labrador male he has become more cautious with other 'dominant' males.

Nyko always makes us laugh with his funny actions and is himself the happiest when he can be part of the activities of our family.

Pictures: Julia Bettendorf

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The puppies from this litter will be active dogs. This has to be taken into account! The future owners will be expected to offer the puppies from this combination the necessary mental and physical challenges.

I expect that this combination will complement each other well, both in appearance and in character.

Tesla is 42.5 cm and Nyko is 43.3 cm. As with almost all MAS combinations, there is no telling how big or small the puppies will end up being.

Since Tesla is red carrier, all colors are possible!

More information and pictures of Nyko can be found on the Lost River Miniature American Shepherds website; please click here.

Nyko (far left) with his brother and sisters as a puppy. Photo: Julia Bettendorf