Videos of Tesla


Tesla is a lovely little dog. After 2 Australian Shepherds she is my first Miniature American Shepherd, but certainly not the last! She is very sweet and full of energy but also very sensitive. Besides the fact that she absolutely needs her physical and mental challenge, she also loves to cuddle and lie with you. In fact, it is almost a 1st necessity of life for her to snuggle up to you or lie with you.

Because of her sensitivity she can also be/get uncertain. A louder voice will hit her like a sledgehammer. Her character is therefore definitely not suitable for everyone. You must be able to deal with her sensitivity. She needs the support, encouragement and trust of her handler.

When approaching strange people and dogs Tesla will be careful at first. I personally find this to be pleasant behavior. She does not have to rush at everyone and everything like an idiot. She generally only needs a few minutes before the ice is broken and is then very generous in handing out kisses and hugs. Big dogs can be a bit more exciting for her, especially if they are rather clumsy in their approach/play. Towards children, Tesla is incredibly sweet and careful. Despite the fact that she did not grow up with small children, she always draws them to her.

With Tesla I do agility at the competition level. Because of COVID-19 everything has been on hold for a long time. In the summer of 2021 we were able to catch up and were promoted to 3rd grade. Here we have not yet run a competition. Tesla is very eager to learn, super fast and very well behaved while running. Because she wants to do so well and is sensitive, we have slowly built up the training in her young years, so that she gets more confidence in herself. Slowly building up and expanding the exercises makes her grow in performance and she is super obedient when you ask her to do something in the course, even when I am still at a distance from her. We also do hoopers sometimes (amazing how quickly she picks it up!), regularly Balance & Coordination, fun tricks and sniffing games. Impulse control is Tesla's favorite hobby! For example, staying down at the start, or only being allowed to chase something (e.g. a toy) after she gets permission to do so, she is really good at that. If she is allowed to go, then it is also like a catapult that is shot.

Tesla has also become a great help in my own dog school over the years. She helps other dogs learn to cope better with other dogs and/or stimuli. She also enjoys being a demo dog, where she can demonstrate the various exercises. She is often with me on the road and adapts quickly and well to different situations.

Videos of Tesla