Our puppies will of course grow up in our house amidst all the daily activities and sounds. The first 3 weeks after birth there will be mainly rest for mother and kids. After that their environment will be enlarged more and more, there will be a lot of enrichment offered and we will also make trips. We try to prepare the puppies as much as possible for life, by bringing them into different environments and socialize them regularly with people, dogs and other animals. We also make a start with toilet training and crate training.

I find it very important to keep track of 'my' puppies and to stay informed of all their progress but also of the less pleasant things. I therefore appreciate it very much if I get regular updates and if you want to participate in a special group via Facebook or whatsapp where all puppy buyers keep each other informed of the experiences with their puppy.

Also, my door will always be open for questions and advice if you have a problem.

If a puppy of mine comes to live with you, there will be regular follow-up days and every owner will receive a 'start package pup' which means that I will come to your home once for 1.5 to 2 hours and that you will then receive 3 group lessons at my dog school with the other pups from the litter. For every follow-up or consultation through my dog school you will receive a 25% discount on the regular prices.

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